New Eco Titrator - new titration platform helps manufacturers reduce risks in quality control

Friday, March 29, 2019
New Eco Titrator - new titration platform helps manufacturers reduce risks in quality control

When something goes wrong in quality control, the reputation of the brand concerned is at stake. Better to exclude risks in the first place. With the new Metrohm Eco Titrator this is easy. It makes titration so simple, safe, and reliable that everybody can perform titrations – and get the results right.

Increasing pressure on the manufacturing industry
The pressure on small and medium sized manufacturers to perform quality control in compliance with official regulations is rising. Tougher quality standards are enforced, notably in emerging markets. Metrohm is pleased to help manufacturer rise to this challenge with the Eco Titrator. Manufactured in Switzerland, this new, competitively priced titration system helps small companies in particular to take their quality control to the next level.

Reducing the risk of human errors
The Eco Titrator makes titration as easy and reliably as it should be: Users just have to select the required standard method on the instrument’s touch sensitive user interface, enter the sample size, and start the titration at the touch of a screen. The analysis is carried out automatically including GLP compliant documentation of results.

The perfect solution for many industries
From food & beverages to petrochemicals to water analysis and surface finishing – combined with quality sensors from Metrohm the Eco Titrator is an ideal solution for quality control in virtually all industries.

Local service and support available
Wherever they are based, users of the Eco Titrator can rely on local service and support provided by the global Metrohm sales organization with subsidiaries and agencies in 120 countries.


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