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Sales program

The variety of the laboratory and process equipment sales program is achieved by careful selection of suppliers.

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MIRA DS Handheld Raman analyser: Identify hazardous and illicit substances quickly and safely
SuperUser Account / Wednesday, May 16, 2018 / Categories: News

MIRA DS Handheld Raman analyser: Identify hazardous and illicit substances quickly and safely

Metrohm represents new handheld Raman analyser – MIRA DS for police officers, hazmat teams, and military personnel.

Mira DS can identify thousands of substances and mixtures. Point it at the sample, press a button, and get the results. Unknown substances are identified in seconds without the need for direct contact with the substance.

Rugged Design and Lightweight

With a weight of just 750 grams you can carry the Mira DS around in your pocket.

This rugged analyser meets MIL-SRD 810G and IP67 specifications.

Safe sampling

The Mira DS’s unique sampling attachments keep you safe from direct contact with unknown substances. With the MIRA DS you can measure through glass bottles or plastic bags, and even identify unknown substances from a distance of up to 1.5 meters!

More information about identified hazardous materials, liquids and powders

Software application HazMaster G3 will give you vital information on the substance identified by the Mira DS analyser



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