Improved Ag electrodes

Thursday, March 28, 2019
Improved Ag electrodes

We want to inform you that Metrohm will stop selling the old types of Ag Ring electrodes and Ag Titrodes. New and improved models are coming on the market.

Major changes for the »Ag Ring electrode«:

  • Solid silver ring molten into the glass shaft
  • Ground joint diaphragm which is less sensitive to contamination
  • LL Reference system omitting any loss of silver chloride from the reference system

Major changes for the »Ag Titrode«:

  • Solid silver ring molten into the glass shaft
  • Changed order of glass membrane and ring, ring is much easier to clean now without scratching the membrane
  • Problems that occurred in the past with flipping glass membranes due to tension stress severely reduced


Article numbers of the new Ag Titrodes are the following (the same as before, with an additional 0 in the beginning, dAg Titrode got a new number):

6.00450.100        Ag Ring electrode

6.00450.300        iAg Ring electrode

6.00402.300        dAg Ring electrode

6.00430.100        Ag Titrode

6.00470.300        iAg Titrode

6.00404.300        dAg Titrode


You can order pre-coated electrodes with Sulfide (Ag2S), Chloride (AgCl) or Bromide (AgBr) Coating directly from us.

Most of them are available for ordering from Monday 18.3.19 (despite iAg Titrode and dAg Titrode, they are available from Mid-April on).

Attached you find two flyers to help with this change.


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