Price reduction 910 PSTAT mini

Monday, July 16, 2018
Price reduction 910 PSTAT mini
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910 PSTAT mini is portable potentiostat, meant for simple applications. It is ideal potentiostat for those starting out in the world of electro-chemistry and for applications used in research and development:

  • sensor development,
  • reversibility of electrochemical reactions,
  • reaction kinetics.



  • Covering all main electrochemical techniques
  • Simple, intuitive PSTAT software
  • Small and portable
  • Cost effective
  • Maintenance-free disposable sensors
  • Power supply via USB


Measuring techniques:

  • LSV (Linear Sweep Voltammetry)
  • CV (Cyclic Voltammetry)
  • SWV (Square Wave Voltammetry)
  • DPV (Differential Pulse Voltammetry)
  • AD (Amperometric Detection)
  • PAD (Pulsed Amperometric Detection)


2.910.0010 910 PSTAT mini: Price reduction 16%


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